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SELF: Inspired Memoirs

Adventures Among Spiritual Intelligences

Table of Contents



1   Glimpses of the Dolphin World

Playing games with dolphins at high speed. Swimming with wild dolphins. Altered states of consciousness. Intimacy of shared feelings.
2   Dolphin Dream Teachings
Angelic interventions. My first swim with the dolphins Joe and Rosie. An unexpected release from long-held fears.
3   Biosonic Surgeons
A lesson in self-confidence. Dolphin subtle-energy manipulations. Dolphins as biosonic surgeons. Meditating in the water with dolphins.
4   Interspecies Communication
New ways of swimming. Dolphin sexuality. The value of entheogenic substances as interspecies facilitators. Are dolphins aware of the angelic realms?
5   On to Key West
Dolphins, spirituality, and free choice. Contact with semiwild dolphins. Experiments with psychic visualization. Telepathic messages from the dolphins.
6   Many Faces in Brain Coral
Global transformation modulated through humans. The circuits are opening, the juice is on. A synchronistic meeting with a wild dolphin.
7   Angels and The Urantia Book
Overlighting by the angels. The transmission of The Urantia Book. The founding of Project Delphi. A delayed-action tape from Dolphin.
8   Vitamin K with Dr. John C. Lilly
The nature of dolphin telepathy. High-tech shared languages. Use of entheogens in telepathic development. A vision of the dolphin realms. Cellular memories. An experience of the Goddess.
9   A Journey into Fear
The power of paranoid fantasies. The unfortunate KGB agent. The universe as teacher. A release from hypnotic blocks.
10   Signs of the Coming Race
Underwater birthing. An experience with the Oannes. Meeting a walk-in and coming to terms with his nature. Off to New Zealand.
11   Meeting the Maori
The Homo Delphinus Conference. Encountering the Guardian of the Threshold. A tribal gathering. Group telepathy in action.
12   Birth of a New Species
Mutation of consciousness. An entirely new phylum. Encounters with waterbabies. Telepathic children. Magic in a kauri forest.
13   Nonhuman Intelligences
Enter the Beings of the Violet Flame. An unexpected Maori holy man. Maori after-death beliefs.
14   The Bay of Spirits
Dreamtime sculpture. An interspecies birthing center. Psychic turmoil. Fear-trapped thought forms in the world mind.
15   A Curse on the City of Sydney
An angelic view of Aborigines. Telepathic teachers. Songlines. Earth magic and the release from conflict.
16   The Artist and the Shaman
The Network of Light. Arriving in Bali. Meeting the spirit of the island. Radical psychic healing for a walk-in.
17   A Strange Full Moon Ceremony
Creative uses of empathogens. Priest versus shaman. A young incarnation of the Supreme. Confronting the priests. The whereabouts of God.
18   Healing and Black Magic
Meditations with the shaman. Healing the ambulatory schizophrenic. Meeting the sea captain. Encountering spinner dolphins. Lessons from sharks.
19   Lives of Willing Sacrifice
Why are dolphins choosing to die? A close-up of beachings. Dolphins, the Dogon, and the star system Sirius. Rising again in human form.
20   The Dolphin Tribal Adventure
The Force for freedom. A brief look at the Legend of the Golden Dolphin. Interactive laser disc technology (CDI). Exposure of the war god.
21   An Aboriginal Corroboree
Meeting the Aboriginals. Dolphins called in telepathically. Reenchantment of the land. Angelic messages of hope. An Aboriginal blessing.
22   Underwater Birthing
Igor Charkovsky's vision. The true horror of Mother Russia. Water birth fostered by the dolphins. Children and near-death experiences. The depth of birth traumas. The healing power of water.
23   Life with Wild Dolphins
Multiple levels of reality. Sidestepping death. Access to parallel dimensions. One hundred dolphins. Cathleen's ride on a wild one's back. A lesson in telepathic etiquette. An entirely new feeling. Rejoining our cosmic family.

A Dolphin Journey: An Exultation

Appendix A: Dolphin Sonics and Telepathy

Appendix B: The Surgeons of Avalon

Appendix C: Grounding and Releasing Meditations

Appendix D: The Lucifer Rebellion

Appendix E: Universe Overlays

Appendix F: Violet Blood and Cosmic Gene Splicing

Appendix G: Ketamine: Potentials and Risks

Appendix H: Stories of Dolphin Telepathic Abilities

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