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SELF: Inspired Memoirs

Adventures Among Spiritual Intelligences


I began keeping notes in the early eighties on strange encounters that I started having with spiritual intelligences -- non-human intelligences whom I sensed possessed wisdom, compassion and a spiritual depth of being. I had no idea at the time that I was embarking on a lifetime's adventure. Those Reagan years were difficult times: the massive disillusionment of the seventies -- with the apparent collapse of the spirit of regeneration that so many of us had felt in the previous two decades -- had largely given way to cynicism and materialism. The movement that had seemed so full of hope only a few years earlier appeared to have been crushed like so many previous movements of youthful idealism. We did not realize then what has become much clearer since such remarkable events as the collapse of Soviet communism and the turnaround in South Africa: that the spirit of freedom which blossomed so forcefully in that wonderful time needed to ground itself into the fabric of the new global culture before once again flowering in the massive transformations this last decade has already manifested. And I suspect that this is just the start.

My personal adventure into the realms of the heart began with the dolphins. I set down these encounters in the first book of this series, Dolphins, ETs & Angels, and it was the dolphins yet again that led me into the journeys I am describing in this book. Through direct experience, they have demonstrated to me that we do indeed share this planet with another type of being whose intelligence, though very different from ours, is certainly comparable and quite possibly a great deal more profound. They have, after all, been living in the oceans for well over thirty million years in what appears to be a harmonious, loving, and caring way. This, in itself, is a tacit lesson to any of us who have passion for the integrity of Gaia, our home planet.

For almost two weeks, I spent many hours a day in the water with this particular pod of dolphins, simply allowing myself to be directed by them in whatever manner they felt appropriate. It was obvious after a while, too, that they were doing their own investigations into what made me tick. They were certainly instrumental in provoking some intense emotions in me. These ranged from fear and anger -- two states of mind that they seemed to be studying in our species -- to feelings of love and ecstasy the likes of which I have seldom experienced. It also became clear to me that they had performed an ultrasonic operation on my body and had removed an incipient testicular cancer. One of the most significant events in light of the ensuing adventures, which I recorded in the first book, came as a result of a telepathic question I had put to the dolphins toward the end of my sojourn with them: "Since it has been so frequently observed," I had silently asked, "that unexplained flying objects come and go from our oceans, have you anything you wish to tell us about these mysterious occurrences?" And, sure enough, on the last night of our stay in Florida, my companion and I were treated to a twenty-minute display of the strangest of lights in the sky. So clearly intentional were the patterns made by the movement of the lights, that we were left with little doubt these were direct manifestations of some form of higher intelligence.

This was to be followed a couple of weeks later by an even more astonishing display of high strangeness. And in New York City, no less. Three of us witnessed the stately passage of a blue-green disc flying sedately across an overcast sky early one Labor Day afternoon. Before we could fully recover from our surprise, a boy perhaps eight years old strolled up to us and proceeded to give us a twenty-minute analysis on the nature of "star cars," their means of propulsion, and the tourists and explorers who use them. He also talked about something he described as the center of space activity and the beings who inhabit it. The boy went on to explain the various political systems within the galaxy, and finished up with a masterful discourse on the plight of the few warlike planets and how they are viewed by the rest of the populated Universe.

When I asked the lad if war was a factor out there in the galaxy, his answer, like everything else he told us, was fluid, unpremeditated, and superbly coherent. "Yes," he'd said, "there are a few warlike races, but they don't get very far from their home planets because the lines of supply become so attentuated. War takes a lot of energy and expense, and in those cases, the races involved and the physical spaces they occupy are simply avoided by everyone else."

Not a reply, I thought at the time, that would spring immediately to mind in a generation reared on the evil empires of Darth Vader, the Klingons, or Ronald Reagan, for that matter. This piece of information might have proved quite helpful to both Napoleon and Hitler in their Russian campaigns! He told us much more, but exactly who this odd young boy was I have never discovered. In the light of what I now know, I think he was in some way telepathically overlit by whoever was in that craft. Search though we did, we never saw him again.

As can be imagined, my worldview and what I previously imagined might be happening on this little planet of ours was rapidly disintegrating in the face of these encounters. It is one thing to subscribe to a belief in life on other worlds from having read science fiction and seen the movies, and quite another to be presented with the reality of telepathic dolphins and an eight-year-old telepathic translator. But the Universe had just begun to show itself to me.

After plunging into full-time study of cetaceans and spending an enlightening time in the Bahamas with a group of captive dolphins and some remarkable Rastafarians, another strange and promising scenario opened up: some friends of my companion in Canada had started to communicate with angels. Considering the paces we had been recently put through, it would have been foolish not to have flown up to Toronto to see for ourselves what was going on.

Sure enough, a sensitive young man called Edward found that when he put himself in a light trance, entities spoke through him who had introduced themselves as angels. Fortunately, I had been somewhat prepared for this since coming across a profoundly intriguing document called The Urantia Book, which itself purports to have been transmitted -- or channeled as we might now call it -- from the angels. Sadly, channeling has recently fallen into disrepute due to the abuses and exploitations of a few who have sought to take advantage of human gullibility. But in its purest form, it has always been a revered way of communicating with other realms of existence. The degree of coherence and integrity of the channeled information is invariably the surest way to ascertain the channel's authenticity. And the information that came through Edward remains some of the finest available.

Among much of value that the angels told us were many things of particular relevance to us as we move through the massive global transformation of consciousness necessary to bring us into the New Age -- or the "True Age," as it might be more accurately called. The most astounding was the news of the final reconciliation of the angelic rebellion that threw our planet and thirty-six others into a long period of darkness and ignorance (see appendix D).

This War in Heaven, as it has been called and recorded in so many planetary cosmologies, turns out to have been a very real affair indeed. Because of it, our world is said to have been isolated from the normal star routes and cut off from what otherwise would have been considered quite normal extraterrestrial involvement -- perhaps somewhat in the same way the young boy had so lucidly explained. It was also due to the angelic rebellion that we on this planet have not had an ongoing awareness of the part the angelic realms play in sustaining life on all inhabited worlds. In short, we have become somewhat of a cultural backwater in the cosmos.

What the angels told us, through Edward, is that this situation is shortly to change -- and change very radically. With the principal parties in this celestial political upheaval now reconciled, we can expect our planet to return to what the angels call normalcy. This will not happen overnight, nor is it being imposed on us against our will. The extraterrestrials and the angels are here to aid all those who are willing to extend a hand to them, and their presence will become more evident as the years pass. And -- lest we think they might be doing all the work for us -- they remind us most forcefully that it is through humans that these immense changes will occur as we gradually bring our lives into meaningful coincidence with Higher Purpose and the best of our intentions.

Adventures Among Spiritual Intelligences picks up where my first book left off, but with an intervening gap of about four years. During that time, on the advice of one of the angels who had spoken through Edward, I taught myself how to talk to my own celestial companions. It took two and a half years of concentrated attention and constant journaling to learn how to truly quiet myself inside until I became confident that I was in contact. As you will see from the tone of the encounters described in this book, my appreciation for the angels has developed from naive bewilderment to what I have now come to understand as a full working relationship.

I realize that this might strike an odd chord in some readers, since the celestial realms, with some recent exceptions, have been given so little attention over the past few generations. These matters are very intimate and often are dependent on personal experience. I have realized, in retrospect only, that it was a near-death experience I had in 1973 that originally introduced me to the angels, although I had effectively pushed all that aside in the seven years before they showed up again in my life. My work through the eighties and nineties with Alma Daniel, and later, Elli Bambridge -- including the workshops and seminars we gave together to help people make contact with their companion (guardian) angels -- all demonstrated that with an open mind and a trusting heart, virtually everyone is able to do that. As the angels themselves tell us, it is our birthright to be in contact with them. (And, as I am writing this line on the afternoon of May 17 of the year 2000, what should come on the radio but Dead Can Dance's heavenly paean entitled "The Host of Seraphim.") I would encourage anyone with more than a passing interest in nonhuman intelligences to develop their own relationship with the angels who accompany them. It is an immensely fascinating area of exploration that is open to us all -- very challenging but great fun. These relationships also go a long way toward helping us prepare for the encounters with extraterrestrial intelligences that will be occurring with increasing frequency over the next few years as we move irrevocably toward a reunion with our cosmic family.

Timothy Wyllie
New Mexico
August 2000

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