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SELF: Inspired Memoirs
Adventures Among Spiritual Intelligences

Adventures Among Spiritual Intelligences:
Angels, Aliens, Dolphins, & Shamans

by Timothy Wyllie

trade paper, 262 pages


Table of Contents | Preface | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3

"Wyllie draws upon an amazingly resourceful vocabulary to describe his encounters with the ineffable. The tale of his evolving humility is a tribute to the power of the spiritual path."
--Marilyn Ferguson, author of The Aquarian Conspiracy


These uncanny adventure stories that chronicle the author's research into subtle-realm phenonema will draw you in by their warmth, humor, and literary brilliance. Join with Timothy Wyllie as he explains the telepathic matrix shared by humans, angels and dolphins; experiences countless epiphanies of self-realization and cosmic awareness; and plunges into planetary mysteries ranging from the hidden meanings of the Urantia Revelation to the nature of celestial and extraterrestrial intelligences.

During these travels around the globe, Wyllie is often conscious of the guidance of his guardian angels and the overlighting provided by higher celestial beings; other times it is a New Zealand Maori, a Balinese shaman, a wild dolphin, or an entheogenic substance that points the way. The reader is rendered a participant along with this motley interracial and interspecies-adventure crew as Wyllie follows his heart and intuition, plunging further with each new chapter. Sometimes zany, often educational, always fascinating--few spiritual memoirs match the wisdom and openness of Adventures Among Spiritual Intelligences, which picks up the narrative thread of his earlier classic Dolphins, ETs, and Angels. The present book was first published in 1992 as Dolphins, Telepathy, & Underwater Birthing (Bear & Company). Now redesigned, updated and renamed, this new edition has been brought forth for a new generation of readers, yet even now remains ahead of its time.


Timothy WyllieTimothy Wyllie was born in England at the height of World War II, endured English boarding schools, and trained as an architect. He practiced in the United Kingdom as well as the Bahamas before cofounding a New York City-based spiritual community and traveling throughout Europe and the United States on its behalf. In 1977, he left the community and started a successful small business in New York. By 1980 he was able to devote himself full time to his lifelong interest in researching spiritual intelligences. His first book, Dolphins, ETs and Angels (Bear & Company: 1984), remains in print and is widely regarded as a classic in its field. He is also the co-author, with Alma Daniel and Andrew Ramer, of Ask Your Angels, the first and still one of the most effective manuals for contacting your guardian angels. Published by Ballantine Books in 1992, it quickly became an international bestseller, and has to date been translated into eleven languages. Wyllie is currently engaged in video making and drawing (the glyph figures that appear at the head of each chapter are his creation), as well as working on his next book in this series, while enjoying his home in the high desert of New Mexico.