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The Ultimate Joy
by Allen Roland

Let me tell you about the ULTIMATE JOY because I'm feeling it now.
It's having the courage to live my dreams and watch them happen.
It's loving so deeply that I have become one with source.
It's trusting myself and not my fears.
It's being real instead of careful.
It's fully trusting my anger when it feels appropriate.
It's fully sharing my joy whenever I feel it.
It's being willing to let go as well as take hold.
It's asking for what I want regardless of whether I get it or not.
It's living in love and not in fear.
It's seeing a loving plan in action and not never-ending anger and violence.
It's being in the now, or the moment, and not in the past or future.
It's knowing I'm part of something much bigger than myself and I'm playing a part in it.
It's seeing through eyes of love unclouded by fear and resentment.
It's not only trusting the unknown but welcoming it.
It's being able to fully surrender and not have to be in control.
It's knowing that being myself is not only enough -- it's beautiful!
It's not running away from my joy and light but letting it fearlessly shine -- so that others might see that our ULTIMATE JOY lies beneath our deepest pain and fear.

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