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"A brilliant work from the heart, that will touch and challenge you to the core."
--from the foreword by Stanley Krippner, Ph.D. author of The Mythic Path

"There is indeed a Unified Field of love underlying and sustaining this vast universe. This love is the creative force within cosmic and biological evolution, within each human being, and within the very cells and atoms of which all matter is composed."
--Allen Roland, Ph,D., writing in Radical Therapy

In Radical Therapy, Dr. Allen Roland, Ph.D., ushers his readers down a royal road to radical emotional healing, powered by seven innovative exercises that have been tested and perfected on hundreds of clients. Readers will learn the theory and practice of surrendering to the Unified Field of love--a new term coined by the author to describe the self-healing energies this book unleashes. Radical Therapy is, in a word, an inspirational and highly original guide to radical self-healing by a therapist with nearly 30 years of client experience.

Aside from therapeutics, Radical Therapy also offers a theoretical advance: It continues the search for the grand Unified Field theory of modern physics in a highly original way, declaring that the deep underlying unity of the universe is an infinite energy field of love and soul consciousness in which all other forces of nature are merely conditions of state. Says Allen Roland: "This infinite field of love--and not the speed of light--is the absolute constant of the universe." By showing that love contains all things, this book unifies psychotherapy, spirituality, evolution, and physics. It draws inspiration from Einstein's search for the Unified Field as well as Teilhard de Chardin's quest for the meaning of evolution. And all these threads are united by the author and are shown to be based on love.

Roland defines his Unified Field of love as the unitive state of consciousness that lies deepest within us--beneath our deepest fear and grief, but also beyond death, and beyond time and space. It reveals itself in near-death experiences, in mystic states, to children, and to those who say yes to their deepest feelings and intuitions. The path leading to conscious awareness of the Unified Field requires genuine courage; and Allen Roland's own zeal--which shines through in this text--inspires readers with the needed conviction. He then shows readers how to use this inspiration to confront and "feel through" their darkest fears using the dramatic exercises in his seven sessions. The goal is to lead them to consciously surrender to universal love-and thereby claim their unique and thrilling place in what he calls the universal loving plan.

Let's put this another way: Childhood fears alienated us from the innate joy and love that are constitutive of the Unified Field (which all children enjoy), plunging us into "ego consciousness"; our adult relationships are, in the main, re-enactments of this primal childhood wounding; reuniting with the Field requires overcoming our childish fears--and this occurs only through a radical surrender to the deepest feelings of the heart, which are beneath these childhood fears.

By recounting the author's own burning quest for self-healing, Radical Therapy challenges the reader to walk the same fearless path that Allen Roland is walking. We too can reunite with the state of soul consciousness we once knew as children--which Dr. Roland shows to be the essence of the Unified Field. Ultimate healing is ours if we have the courage to say yes to our truest feelings and convictions, regardless of the consequences. Saying yes to our deepest feelings is the epitome of a surrender to love, for love is the ultimate feeling.

In addition to sharing his personal surrender to the Unified Field of love, Roland also guides and inspires the reader by showing that this same state of soul consciousness has also been glimpsed by millions of Americans in mystical and near-death experiences--and in fact is the same reality breaking through to consciousness. The unifying truth of the Unifed Field is the reason why self-healing CAN be simple. And that is why and how this single book can change readers' lives forever.

Radical Therapy is studded with academically sound theory and inspirational stories of healing, featuring the author's own journey of the heart. But the book also provides the actual transcripts of Dr. Roland's proprietary cathartic emotional healing exercises and visualizations, plus other innovative techniques that have led hundreds of clients to a radical change of behavior. The sessions include the Life Chart exercise (a graphical history of the journey of your heart); a powerful accountability exercise that leads to total forgiveness and accountability by overturning victimhood; a simulated near death experience that reveals to the reader the extent to which they have surrendered to love in their lives, and much more. The book concludes with an inspirational call to the recognition that radical self-healing is possible for those who have the courage to surrender to love.

Roland leads his clients and his readers to surrender to something that they always had suspected is deepest within them--as he did: the inherent love and joy that lies beneath our deepest fears. Dr. Roland's book is eminently practical, yet based on sound theory: Radical Therapy grew out of an award-winning dissertation (Institute of Noetic Sciences/Common Boundary magazine national award for the top four dissertations on religion and psychology, given in 1998). In his foreword, the renowned transpersonal psychology pioneer, professor Stanley Krippner of Saybrook Institute calls it: "A brilliant work from the heart, that will touch and challenge you to the core."

Allen Roland resides in Sonoma, California, and operates an innovative therapeutic practice known as Transformation Counseling. Allen's counseling method combines his extensive formal training with a series of far-reaching discoveries based on his own experiences of self-healing and self-transcendence. The result is an original psychological theory and cathartic healing practice which has led hundreds of people to emotional self-healing in just seven sessions. Previous to starting his counseling practice in 1971, Allen had a successful career as a Navy fighter jet pilot and a vice president of an investment banking firm. In 1998, Allen received a Ph.D. in spiritual psychology from Greenwich University. His dissertation (which is the basis of his new book Radical Therapy) won the Institute for Noetic Sciences/Common Boundary national award for best dissertation in psychology and religion in 1998. He is the father of four children and has four grandchildren.

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