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Paul O'Brian, Pathways, KBOO Radio, Portland, OR

I've been the host of the Pathways radio show, serving an Oregon audience for over 19 years. During this time I have hosted interviews with all of the biggest names in the area of self-discovery and personal transformation. Allen Roland, author of Radical Therapy, is one of the most articulate, profound and entertaining guests we've ever had on Pathways.

Midwest Book Review, March 2002

A profound self-help manual that dares to be radically different, Radical Therapy is especially recommended for those seeking to recover from childhood trauma, improve adult relationships, and enhance their own sense of worth.

Napra Review, winter 2001

A renowned therapist, Roland created the term "Unified Field of Love" to describe the foundation of all life--the place from which life springs and to which it is destined to return.... more

One Word for Radical Therapy: WOW!
by Jeff Hutner, New Paradigm Digest

More than a book, Radical Therapy (Origin Press, 2002) is a path to reconnecting to our soul's wholeness; a simple, elegant, effective and profound healing tool. More importantly, Radical Therapy is a way into the underlying Unified Field of Love... more

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