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Radical Therapy

Table of Contents


1   How You Can Use this Book to Heal Yourself

2   The Search for the Unified Field

3   My Experience of the Unified Field

4   The Three Tenets of the Unified Field

5   Einstein Was Right: God Doesn't Play Dice

6   Understanding the Near- and After-Death Experience

7   Beneath the Well of Grief is a Spring of Joy

8   The Nine Stages of the Cycle of Life

Stage One: "I am joy, I am alone."
Stage Two: "Who I am is not enough."
Cycle of Life Graph
Stage Three: "I have no choice but ego!"
Stage Four: "I surrender to ego."
Stage Five: "I must grope for meaning outside myself."
Stage Six: "I want another choice."
Stage Seven: "There really is another choice."
Stage Eight: "I surrender to love and to the unknown."
Stage Nine: "I am joyful and I am part of a loving plan."

9   Introduction to the Session Work


10   Finding the Child Within Yourself -- Session One

Tim's Story: "Someone Is Going to Take Your Hand."
Allen's Life Chart
Your Life Chart

11   Understanding Your Life as a Quest with a Life Chart -- Session Two

"Overcoming Fear."
Allen's Story: "Facing My Deepest Fear."

12   Taking Accountability for Your Life -- Session Three

The Cleansing Exercise: Part 1
The Cleansing Exercise: Part 2
The Fort Mason Story: "Walking into a Precognitive Vision."

13   Connecting with the Inner Child -- Session Four

The Inner Encounter Exercise
John's Story
Carol's Story
Hank's Story

14   Open Your Heart (There Are No "But's" or "What If's" with Love!) -- Session Five

The Heart Opening Exercise
Tom's Story: "Learning to Accept Love."

15   The Death Exercise and the Life Review -- Session Six

The Death Exercise
The Life Review
Tony's Story: "Learning to Share the Deepest Feelings."

16   Many Are Called, Few Listen, Still Fewer Respond -- Session Seven

The Listening Story: "Meeting My Mentor by Following Inner Guidance."

17   Relationships Are the Proving Ground for Who We Really Are

18   The Truth that Shall Set Everything Ablaze

The Twelve Major Truths this Book Reveals
Notes to the Chapters

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