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Chapter 2
The Search for the Unified Field

The great philosophical triumph of any unified field theory is implicit in the first word of its title. For it will carry to logical fulfillment the long course of science towards the unification of man’s concepts of the physical world. For from its august perspective the entire universe would appear as one elemental field in which each atom, each flying electron, each star, each wandering comet and slow-wheeling galaxy, is seen to be but a ripple or tumescence in the underlying space-time unity.

And so a profound simplicity would supplant the surface complexity of nature. Thus all man’s perceptions of the world and all his abstract intuitions of reality would merge finally into one, and the deep underlying unity of the universe would be laid bare.
—Lincoln Barnett

I have proposed in the first chapter that the fundamental underlying and uniting force of the universe is an infinite psychic energy field of love and soul consciousness and that it lies not only beyond time and space but also within each of us, beneath our deepest fears. Yet, can it really be a scientific fact that love underlies and unites all things? Isn’t this just some new form of mysticism? Can it really be this simple?

The hypothesis of the Unified Field of love validates the reports of mystics who directly (and subjectively) experienced the same reality that scientists only approach through an objective and outward process of observation, experimentation, and deduction. In other words, the same phenomena that science describes as "energy" or "light" can be directly experienced as love—if experienced from within. In other words, light is a constant of the physical universe, as Einstein showed, but love is the absolute constant of the universe, as the heart reveals.

Coming to such a conclusion is, of course, relative to your state of consciousness and is entirely observer-dependent. In radical therapy, I help my clients open their hearts and experience directly (meaning subjectively) their deepest inner connection to this universe of love. And it is my hope that scientists will realize just how this truth is observer-dependent, and will be able as a result to link this subjective experience of the Unified Field with their own more limited theories based on their objective observation of nature.

But can it really be this simple—that love is the absolute constant of the universe? I not only believe this; I know that it is! And I believe that Albert Einstein, who first set in motion the search for the Unified Field theory, and who mistrusted complicated theories, would have been delighted with this truth. For he believed that the simplest explanation of any physical phenomenon was sure to be the right one. Accordingly, the solution to the search for a Unified Field theory that he spent his last years futilely seeking would seemingly have to be a simple one.

Stephen Hawking, like his predecessor Einstein, has also sought a simple explanation for the Unified Field. "What is it that breathes fire into the equations and makes a universe for them to govern?" Hawking writes. "Is the ultimate Unified Field so compelling that it brings about its own existence?"1

Those who live from the heart know the answer: That which breathes fire into all of the equations is a universal energy field of love. Yes, love is so compelling that it does indeed bring about its own existence, and the existence of all things.

Hawking also wrote that there ought to be something special and simple about a grand theory of everything. And what could be more special and simple than love? For me, as a therapist and a man who lives from the heart, the deep underlying unity of the universe has been laid bare: There is indeed a Unified Field of love underlying and sustaining this vast universe. This love is the creative force within cosmic and biological evolution, within each human being, and within the very cells and atoms of which all matter is composed. I believe this is the simplest and most profound explanation there could be.


This concept of the Unified Field of love also seems to fit within Einstein’s grand aim of science, which is "to cover the greatest number of empirical facts by logical deduction from the smallest number of hypotheses or axioms."2 Allow me therefore to introduce the central axiom that serves as the foundation for my theory of a Unified Field of love:

Love alone is capable of uniting living beings in such a way as to complete and fulfill them, for it alone takes them and joins them to what is deepest within themselves.3
—Teilhard de Chardin

Let us explore the rich implications of this quote from one of the last century’s towering geniuses—a man who was, at one and the same time, one of our greatest scientists, evolutionary theorists, and mystics. This profound statement of Teilhard’s is the essential guidepost of my work. Bearing it in mind, let us also explore the meaning of the Unified Field of love itself.

First, an undeniable and universal urge to unite lies deep within us all, and in fact in all things. For humans, it is the most powerful of all drives, yet it cannot be observed through the most powerful electron microscope or through the lens of the largest telescope. This urge to unite is a direct emanation from the Unified Field, a current of divine transformational energy to which we must surrender if we are to understand its qualities. This energy longs to flow through us according to its nature, and the resistance to this current of love, rising from the depths in each of us, is the source of all human suffering. To merge with this healing and transforming current we must surrender through this resistance—through our deepest fears and pain—into the Unified Field of love that is our source.

The act of expressing and receiving love fulfills and completes us by energetically uniting us to the Unified Field of love that also unites all of creation and is at the same time deepest within ourselves.

Yet if love is so powerful and is experienced by so many, why does it often seem not to last, and why does it leave so many lovers unhealed and untransformed? Because most people only touch, but do not fully surrender to, the love and joy that is beyond their deepest fears and pain. They love until it hurts, and when the pain comes, they close their hearts—suddenly or gradually—and withdraw, just as they did when they were children.

Why should we surrender and keep our hearts open in the face of so much fear or pain? Because it turns out that this the only way to establish and maintain our conscious connection to the Unified Field of love. Establishing and maintaining this connection is our primary purpose in life.

Now you might ask: What then is the ultimate purpose of the Unified Field itself? As far as I know, the purpose, the intent, is simply to love and become active participants in a loving plan. As such, God is a loving plan in action. Each of us, I believe, has an important part to play in this loving plan—and our ultimate joy will be knowing this and doing it!

God and the Unified Field are one and the same. In essence, the omnipresent psychic energy field of love that binds the universe is a divine state of consciousness—or what I call soul consciousness. As Teilhard de Chardin wrote:

In the last analysis, somehow or other, there is something through which material and spiritual energy hold together and is complementary . . . there must be a single energy operating in the world. That something, he declared, is the soul itself.4

Modern physics teaches us that energy can be neither created nor destroyed but is perpetually transformed. In other words, all that exists is immortal, not in form but in essence. Likewise the soul, which is also energy in a higher and more conscious form, can be neither created nor destroyed. And it is perpetually evolving, transforming, and perfecting itself within a constantly evolving and loving plan.

The Unified Field of love is by my definition nothing but an ultimate or universal soul purposefully engaged in an infinite process of creation. (And what is that but a definition of God?) We are all participating in that evolutionary process as cocreators. Love is the ultimate attractive force of the universe, holding all forms of matter together, causing all particles to dance in magnetic relation to each other. Love is the force that drives evolution. It also makes bees buzz, birds sing, lovers sigh, and heals suffering souls.

As such, both the Unified Field and the universal soul represent the attractive force of the universe, the force that holds all forms of matter and life together so that an evolving loving plan (God) can manifest itself through them. Thus soul consciousness is the awareness of an evolving loving plan and the taking of responsibility for one’s function within that plan.

So why on earth would we not choose to surrender to this Unified Field and play our part in its loving plan? The short answer is fear. Soul consciousness, or our awareness of this Unified Field and its loving plan, is often buried beneath our deepest fears. Yet the urge to love and unite calls each of us out of our fear to take responsibility and play our part within that plan. Eventually, it demands that we go inside through our deepest fears and surrender to love.

All roads in our ceaseless search for external truths eventually lead back to the self, to our own sensory experience of our own state of consciousness. Love is both a state of soul consciousness and the transmutation agent by which we refine our consciousness. Love relationships are vehicles by which our transformation from ego consciousness to soul consciousness is accomplished.

Besides our own transformation, our greater task, you might say, is to consciously birth the Unified Field of love into this dimension. Indeed, we are all emissaries of love on a mission to a planet that is in the process of being born into soul consciousness. Our task in this great mission is to fully open our hearts, burst out from our cocoons of ego consciousness, and finally sing our own unique song.


Our journey from ego to soul consciousness is also a journey from what I call emotional love to conscious love. The force that connects us most directly to the Unified Field is conscious love. Conscious love, which is also defined as unconditional love, desires that the loved object attain its own native perfection regardless of the consequences to the lover. In its highest state, conscious love, like the energy of the sun—the heart of this great atom that is our solar system—shines unconditionally on all living beings.

Emotional love, by contrast, is love that is bound by ego consciousness. It becomes threatened when the loved object moves toward its own perfection and out of the control of the lover. If it does not evolve toward conscious love, emotional love will seek to possess and control the loved object until it ultimately stifles all traces of love. The growth from emotional love to conscious love is not achieved painlessly or without conscious resolve and persistent effort. The ego, with all its fears and need to control, must be relinquished, for only then can we truly connect to the Unified Field of love, which is our source, and claim our part in the loving plan. Only then can the butterfly of our real and authentic self emerge from its cocoon.

We are all capable by design of consciously or unconditionally loving others. Yet we cannot love others consciously until we consciously love ourselves. We become capable of self-love only by allowing and sharing our deepest feelings while releasing any fears, sense of unworthiness or shame, or other barriers that separate us from the soul consciousness that is deepest within us. By doing this, we both purify and embrace our true self. Such work is the essence of self-love.

Thus our souls evolve through purification, moving from emotional love to conscious love, the soul’s highest state. This transformational journey from emotional love to conscious love, or from ego consciousness to soul consciousness, is the defining purpose of our life and our significant relationships. Conscious love unites us with what is deepest within—the universal state of soul consciousness, the Unified Field. It restores our original, joyful, loving self that we once knew as children. And it allows us to finally take our place in this loving, evolving plan and fully manifest our innate connection to the Unified Field.

William James, the great 20th century philosopher/scientist, profoundly observed that the science of the future must depend upon what he called a "radical empiricism." Our journey to understand the history of the universe, he knew, must not depend only on our five senses and our scientific instruments. To understand the nature of the universe in which we live, we must also include the evidence of our subjective inner experience. In other words, true science must include the journey of the heart toward knowing truth. A genuine Unified Field theory must combine the objective observations of the scientist and the subjective knowing, or soul consciousness, of the mystic.

If we cannot find truth within ourselves, or trust the inner knowing that is the essence of our true self, we can never fashion a reliable science. For a science divorced from the heart will be misinterpreted by a mind that is afraid to comprehend its own essential knowing.

Join me on this inner journey of the heart to know the truth. For that is the key to your own transformation, and the essence of radical therapy!

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