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Radical Therapy

Allen Roland on

Origin Press, October 2003
280 pages, hardcover
ISBN 1-57983-006-4

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"A brilliant work from the heart, which will touch and challenge you to the core."
--from the foreword by Stanley Krippner, PhD, author of The Mythic Path

This authoritative and inspirational work on radical self-healing distills the wisdom of the author's thirty years of emotional healing practices -- and a lifetime of searching for the ultimate realities of love. Featuring seven powerful self-healing lessons, Radical Therapy is modeled on Dr. Allen Rolandís short-term, cathartic healing method that has been perfected on hundreds of clients. Dr. Roland cuts through the codependence of long-term therapy, showing how self-healing is profoundly simple -- for those with the courage to go beyond their fears and deeply surrender to love.

-- With this revolutionary masterpiece on self-healing.

The heart of Radical Therapy is the authorís unique discovery that infinite love -- and not the speed of light -- is the absolute constant of the universe. Through deeply healing himself and hundreds of his clients, master psychotherapist Allen Roland has found that residing deepest within us -- beneath our deepest fear and grief, is this Unified Field of Love. The Field reveals itself in near-death experiences, in mystic states, in synchronicities, in the innocence of children, and to those who surrender to their deepest feelings. Radical Therapy shows you exactly how to surrender to the Field -- and how to heal yourself without a therapist, or with a therapist by using this book as a powerful manual for effective short-term therapy.

Allen Roland About the Author:
Allen Roland resides in Sonoma, California, and operates an innovative therapeutic practice known as Transformation Counseling. Allenís counseling method combines his extensive formal training with a series of far-reaching discoveries based on his own experiences of self-healing and self-transcendence. The result is an original psychological theory and healing practice which has led hundreds of people to self-healing in just seven sessions. Previous to starting his counseling practice in 1971, Allen had a successful career as a Navy fighter jet pilot and a vice president of an investment banking firm. In 1998, Allen received a Ph.D. in spiritual psychology from Greenwich University. He is the father of four children and has four grandchildren.

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