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for Faith and the Placebo Effect

Napra Review
November/December 2001

By incorporating and validating all forms of healing, Kuby neatly reveals the common link: the placebo effect... more

Research News & Opportunities in Science and Theology

In this popular work that Larry Dossey calls "compelling and insightful," poet and literary critic Lolette Kuby makes an intensely personal argument for the reality of the placebo effect and interprets that effect as the result of a "self-healing" process initiated by one's faith. ... more

New Age Retailer
January 2002 [excerpt]

Kuby has written an engaging, well-written page turner that makes an inspirational argument for self-healing. Faith and the Placebo Effect is uplifting and informative, offering hope without flaky claims or pompous discourses. Kuby’s stark, powerful writing and conclusions offer resounding rings of truth.

Midwest Book Review
January 2002 [excerpt]

Faith and the Placebo Effect is challenging, informative, and highly recommended reading for students of alternative medicine and the psychology of healing.

The Bayview Post, The Richmond Hill Post, and The Thornhill Post
January 2002

It is often said that much of the power of the human mind is as yet untapped. In a new book, Richmond Hill resident Lolette Kuby explores the ability of the mind to heal the body in ways that most of us would consider unimaginable... more

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