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New Book Enters International Debate on Placebos by
Systematically Linking Placebo Effect to Spiritual Healing

(Novato, CA) A recently published JAMA study used arcane statistical data to supposedly disprove the placebo effect; but the embattled placebo can be rehabilitated--right now--through the data of interdisciplinary analysis, the data of common sense, historical data gathered from centuries of observation, and the prima facie data of author Lolette Kuby's own experience of healing breast cancer through faith. In response to those who would debunk placebos, Faith and the Placebo Effect debunks materialistic narrowness by establishing the placebo effect on a universal platform that links science and religion. As a result of this book, the centuries-old religious argument for self-healing through the mind is stronger than ever. And through her efforts, "consciously triggering the placebo effect" may not only become part of our everyday vernacular but even an integral part of medical science.

It is with such data and argumentation that Lolette Kuby has entered the mounting international debate over the meaning of the placebo response. Faith and the Placebo Effect explores the psychological, historical, anthropological, political and historical dimensions of this key question--while for the first time thoroughly linking placebos with what is known about faith healing.

What has been needed is a non-sectarian book that amply fills in the missing dimensions of the discussion; a Chrisitian Scientist could not have written such a study. And given that we still must suffer a medical mindset that would generate studies purporting to refute self-healing phenomena, it is no surprise that it required a layperson to accomplish this task.

No wonder, then, that one of the most courageous scientific researchers into such phenomena, Marilyn Schlitz, director of research at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, was moved to write that she found this book "inspirational. . . I am convinced that the mind has capacities only glimpsed by our dominant worldview."

The recent international meta-study by Danish researchers published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (March 2001 issue) represents this dominant worldview, and indeed sets a stark background against which to consider the question of placebos. Lolette Kuby, Ph.D. accomplishes this reconsideration with a concise, radical, and comprehensive argument for self healing through the mind. This book also has the following features:

• Shows that the placebo effect is the common denominator across many different treatments for illness.

• Demonstrates how readers can consciously trigger the placebo effect.

• Provides an experiential element: the author has proven her thesis by healing her own breast cancer-by faith.

• Gives a many-sided account of an inner potential well-known to medicine, but ignored or trivialized by the medical industry.

• Is a "brilliant guide to self healing," (or so says Barbara Marx-Hubbard, perhaps the leading spokesperson for the New Thought movement).

• Makes for dramatic reading, in that a religious revelation led Ms. Kuby to write this book.

Faith and the Placebo Effect: An Argument for Self-healing
Lolette Kuby, Ph.D.
323 pages • Paper • $14.00 • September 2003 • Health/Medicine

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