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October 2008
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Meetings with Paul

An Atheist Discovers His Guardian Angel
By Phillip H. Krapf

$15.95 • Trade Paper
Origin Press • 220 pages
Master distributor: AtlasBooks
Pub date: October 2008



True tale of angelic contact—with an unlikely subject

Former mainstream newsman and lifelong atheist discovers: guardian angels
are an essential support throughout life, and know our best interests


“Happy birthday,’ he said, then simply walked away and vanished into the night air.”


So writes Phil Krapf, a retired 25-year veteran of the Los Angeles Times editorial staff who shared a Pulitzer Prize in 1993 as a member of the Metro news team. This greeting is the concluding moment of his first “official” encounter with his guardian angel—in the author’s own backyard. The surprise meeting occurs soon after the events of 9/11, and is just one of dozens of materializations that Krapf was privileged to experience between 2001 and 2003.

A post-modern chronicle of contact—outside the “box” of religion

We learn from Meetings with Paul that angelic revelation can erupt anywhere, even into the ordinary “all-too-human” realm of suburban Los Angeles. The angel’s approach offers a counterpoint to all of our expectations: He appears to a lifelong atheist who knows nothing of religion. Throughout this series of private yet broad-daylight meetings, our atheist contends uncomfortably with the question of God while he struggles with his angel—not unlike the biblical Jacob (Genesis: 32), who “wrestled with his angel.”


As readers get to know Phillip Krapf, they discover a hard-nosed retired newspaper editor who has much to lose by reporting on such an experience. This is especially so after the risks he has taken in his earlier books, The Contact Has Begun (Hay House, 1998) and The Challenge of Contact (Origin Press, 2002) in which he claims to be the herald of an ET contact project later interrupted by the events of 9/11. Even so, much of his interaction with Paul is light-hearted and humorous, even filled with banter.


Appearing “literally out of thin air” and as the need requires, Paul presents himself as a handsome, witty, and relaxed middle-aged male. He is in fact compelled to materialize because of an emergency in Phil’s life—but the author denies the need for this, at first. Nevertheless, in the morose period just after the events of 9/11, the protocols of heaven require that Paul companion Phil during one of the darkest periods of his life. We learn that Paul had been assigned to minister to Phil from birth, as with any ordinary person and their guardian angel. As angels are charged to do, Paul has worked for Phil’s highest and best interests. Always remaining just out of sight from infancy to the present, Paul has witnessed the author’s entire life in living color, and can narrate its most intimate events at will.

A Repartee to the “New Atheism”?

The timing of this true story is uncanny, given that “the New Atheism” is now in vogue—as exemplified by the bestselling books of Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and Christopher Hitchens. Atheists are now being heeded, but what is one to do when a professed atheist reports in earnest on a spectacular series of visitations by his guardian angel? What if said guardian angel puts no religious pressure on his unbelieving ward, but merely serves him in an hour of great need? And how is it that a nonbeliever receives this gift of grace, one that goes far beyond those usually known to believers? Such are the puzzles and paradoxes of this true story by a 72-year old retired former copy editor at the LA Times.


The quibbles of atheists with the superstitions of traditional religion may have merit. But all this might now be set aside as we witness these transactions between an angel and a man with a thoroughly secular and scientific cast of mind. Here the relation with the divine takes place entirely outside of myth and religion; the realm of angels and deity is now made vibrant and relevant outside of dogma and belief. In the end, rather than dignify the discussion of “does God really exist,” the author’s guardian angel demonstrates God’s care and solicitude for all of his children, even the unbelievers. And can a God of the post-modern world operate in any other way? ###


“An enlightening account that reveals how spirituality does not absolutely necessitate belief in God.”
—Midwest Book Review


“A well-written, interesting story. Krapf finds himself in unexpected, sometimes hilarious situations. I can¹t help thinking that Paul is related to Phil¹s earlier contacts.”
—George LoBuono, author of Alien Mind


Meetings with Paul
An Atheist Discovers His Guardian Angel
By Phillip H. Krapf
$15.95 • Trade Paper Origin Press • 220 pages
Master distributor: AtlasBooks
1-57983-021-8 • originpress.com/krapf


Phil Krapf spent thirty years in the newspaper business and worked for twenty-five years as an editor on the Metro copy desk of the LA Times. Krapf is the acclaimed author of The Contact Has Begun (Hay House: 1998), and The Challenge of Contact (Origin Press: 2002), controversial accounts of his contacts with an extraterrestrial race. Philip H. Krapf “If a hard-nosed, atheistic newspaper man can find himself thrown into such extraordinary circumstances, then there really is hope for everybody ... Meeting Paul in the book cast for me a delightfully fresh and lucid light on the nature of guardian angels.”
—From the foreword by Timothy Wyllie, coauthor of Ask Your Angels and author of Dolphins, ETs, and Angels


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