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Origin Press | 220 pages
Pub date: October 2008

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Phil Krapf spent thirty years in the newspaper business and worked for twenty-five years as an editor on the Metro copy desk of the Los Angeles Times, where he shared in a Pulitzer Prize  in 1992.
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"Krapf is possibly the least likely person I could ever imagine who would fabricate either his encounters with ETs or his later meetings with his guardian angel... If a hard-nosed, atheistic newspaperman can find himself thrown into such extraordinary circumstances, then there really is hope for everybody."
      — from the Foreword by Timothy Wyllie, coauthor of the international bestseller Ask Your Angels

“An enlightening account that reveals how spirituality does not absolutely necessitate belief in God.”
      — Midwest Book Review

“A well-written, interesting story. Krapf finds himself in unexpected, sometimes hilarious situations. I can’t help thinking that Paul is related to Phil’s earlier contacts.”
      — George LoBuono, author of Alien Mind

Imagine a dialogue face to face with your guardian angel . . .

. . . a dialogue that’s not mired in religious dogma, and one that is rich with wisdom, intimacy, humor, and insights into the meaning of your entire life story.

Now, picture a hard-boiled journalist in just such an exchange . . .

Get ready for Meetings with Paul, the unprecedented story by a former copy editor at the LA Times who has shared in a Pulitzer Prize as a member of the Metro team.

. . . resulting in a resounding challenge to the “new atheism.”

Phil Krapf, a lifelong atheist and veteran mainstream newspaperman—and one of the most prominent persons ever to claim ET contact--now reports on an equally astonishing and often hilarious series of encounters, this time with Paul, his guardian angel. Examine your own relationship with the world of spirit as you read this stunning account of Paul's dramatic materializations, all narrated with Krapf's trademark journalistic clarity. Here is the true story of an otherworldly teacher who consoles a professed unbeliever during the most difficult time of his life. The author slowly overcomes his skepticism as he gratefully learns how our angels serve us over our lifetime--and how vital they are in our daily lives.

Observations by Paul—a guardian angel

"It is not a sign of weakness for a drowning person
to call for help or to accept a helping hand."

"The universe contains wonders beyond imagination,
but there is no such thing as a perfect mortal."

"Invisible things exist as surely as empty space itself."

"The nonbeliever who acts as though God is watching
is nobler than the believer who pays no heed."

"An honorable stranger makes better company
than a questionable friend."

"To be truly appreciated, music must be heard
with the heart as well as the ears."

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About the Author, Phillip H. Krapf

Phil Krapf spent 30 years in the mainstream newspaper business as a reporter, photographer, editor and editorial writer. He worked for 25 years as an editor on the Metro copy desk of the Los Angeles Times.
During that time, he shared in a Pulitzer Prize as a member of the Metro team that won the award for the newspaper's coverage of the Los Angeles riots in 1992.
Prior to joining the Times staff in 1968, Krapf was a staff member of the community newspaper of San Fernando, California, eventually serving as its managing editor, and winning a variety of journalism awards.
Krapf is the acclaimed author of The Contact Has Begun (Hay House: 1998), and The Challenge of Contact (Origin Press: 2002), controversial accounts of his contacts with an extraterrestrial race.
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