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The Secret Revelation


"Being a professed and practicing Christian who loves the Bible because of the lovable Jesus it portrays, I stayed away from the Book of Revelation as much as possible. True, there were designer interpretations of it which were tailored to fit the author's interpretation without regard to how it fit into the remainder of the Bible teachings. Being of cerebral rather than esoteric bent, I withheld my opinions of them until something came along which had the ring of truth.

"That 'something' is The Secret Revelation. Stella Religa, her celestial tutors, and her editor, Byron Belitsos, have produced a seminal volume which coincides with my views of reality. She had no axe to grind. It portrays a friendly universe in which mighty angels are personally concerned with every human being. This is a God I can love instead of fear."

--Brigadier General Duane L. Faw USMC (Ret.)

"Being a student of the Book of Revelation, I have read many interpretations, all giving fearsome images of the impending apocalypse. Stella Religa, with the editorial assistance of her publisher, Byron Belitsos, has produced one of the most brilliant, thought-provoking and enlightening accounts of the Book of Revelation. The book is brilliantly organized and laid out. Instead of the "end-times," the truths written in The Secret Revelation will reveal to the reader that we are now in the "Correcting Time," which will lead to Light and Life, and Light and Life shall bring about the recognition of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man by all Urantians.

"The Spirit of Truth spoke to me with each page that I read. For anyone who is a student of the Book of Revelation, The Secret Revelation is a must read. I believe that Stella's book will be a bestseller. I believe that Stella's book will lead more people to The Urantia Book. There are currently 500,000 Urantia Books in print; Stella's book could easily lead as many to The Urantia Book.

"Thank you Stella for your very beautiful and enlightening book The Secret Revelation. You have done us all a great service."

--Larry Whelan

"Finally! Explanations for the Book of Revelation that make sense! If you are looking for a fresh and original take on this old puzzle from the Bible, look no further. Stella Religa has put together something which stands contemporary scholarship on its head!

"I am a layperson who is baffled by the many contradictory interpretations of the Book of Revelation, and frightened by the seeming all-pervasive teaching of the coming "Apocalypse." Stella has bravely sought answers from her celestial guides who consistently steered her toward loving, ordinary interpretations where Bible scholars have for centuries seen fearful and extraordinary ones.

"Several years ago, the Celestial Teachers came to earth with a promise known as the Correcting Time. They promised to help humanity sort out the many seemingly intractable problems of contemporary life. The Secret Revelation is the fulfillment of one such promise. For too many years mankind has labored under the implied threat of imminent Apocalypse stemming chiefly from this one book of the Bible.

"According to this threat, no matter what we achieved as a civilization -- peace, prosperity, literacy, or the conquering of disease -- nothing would stand up to the withering power of the "wrath of God" that was so soon to reign down upon us. The loving God so tenderly revealed in the life of Jesus was quickly turned back to the vengeful God of old in the very last book of the Bible, revealed by Jesus' own Apostle, John. But, was that John's intention? The Secret Revelation answers that question with a resounding NO!

"Reading this book brings a profound reassurance concerning the orderliness and safety of the universe. God is not capricious, nor is He vengeful and full of wrath. He is the same God that Jesus revealed -- loving, patient, and forgiving. His universe completely reflects Himself in time: steady, reliable and nurturing.

"The organization of The Secret Revelation makes it very easy to read and to refer to. Each section begins with the King James version of a chapter of the Book of Revelation, followed by Stella's painstaking question and answer sessions with her guides, then followed by an especially clear summary at the end. It was easy to read and easy to understand. I especially found Stella's humility and faith a touching example of how the Correcting Time should unfold. Thanks to her, her teachers, and to Byron Belitsos who consistently braves the perils of the marketplace in order to bring forth important works like this. BRAVO!"

--Rebecca Bynum

"The Secret Revelation is a provocative piece of writing that rings of truth. It is must reading for students of the Bible, and equally inspiring for readers of The Urantia Book. I am most impressed with the sincerity, clarity of thought and detailed explanations of John's Revelation. This new book brings meaning and value to a part of the Bible that has puzzled readers for generations."

--Polly Parke Friedman

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