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The Secret Revelation

Table of Contents

Jesus Speaks with the Apostle Nathaniel
Background on Translations and Biblical Traditions
Editor's Preface
   The Suthor's Method of Research
   About Our Celestial Interlocutors
   The Role of
The Urantia Book
A Special Note to Christians
The First Transmissions
How This Book is Organized

1 King James Translation
1 revised

Salutation to the seven churches in Asia
Regarding the Atonement Doctrine
The coming of Christ
A New Christology
John's version on Patmos
The Seven Superuniverses
Highlights from Chapter 1

2 King James Translation
2 revised

Message to Ephesus
The Role of the Holy Spirit
Message to Smyrna
Message to Pergamos
The Tragic History of Our Planet
Message to Thyatira
Highlights from Chapter 2

3 King James Translation
3 revised

Message to the church at Sardis
Message to the church at Philadelphia
Eternal Life and the Experience of "Fusion"
Message to the church at Laodicia
Promise of the reward to the faithful
Highlights from Chapter 3

4 King James Translation
4 revised

The scene in heaven before the breaking of the seals
The four beasts and the enthroned elders
The Twenty-four elders
The Sea of Glass
The Magnificent Enoch
Highlights from Chapter 4

5 King James Translation
5 revised

The book of the seven seals
Christ alone is worthy of opening the book
The Seven Spirits and the Mother Spirit
Solemn worship of the lamb
Highlights from Chapter 5

6 King James Translation
6 revised

The voice of conquest
Stages of the Ascension Career
Vision of war
Vision of famine
Vision of death
Vision of martyrs
Vision of the day of the Lord
Highlights from Chapter 6

7 King James Translation
7 revised

Visions of five angels
The Judgement after Death
Number of Israelites who were sealed
Salvation of the gentiles
Highlights from Chapter 7

8 King James Translation
8 revised

Highlights from Chapter 8

9 King James Translation
9 revised

The fifth trumpet
The sixth trumpet
Highlights from Chapter 9

10 King James Translation
10 revised

The angel with the little book
Time shall be no longer
The little book is eaten
Highlights from Chapter 10

11 King James Translation
11 revised

Gentiles to be in the holy city forty-two months
Prophetic power of the two witnesses
The great earthquake
Vision of the temple of God
Highlights from Chapter 11

12 King James Translation
12 revised

From Evolution to Revelation
The First Revelation and the Lucifer Rebellion
Adam and Eve: the Second Epochal Revelation
The Story of the Second Garden

A woman clothed with the sun
The red dragon
Birth of Christ
War in heaven
Satan is cast out of heaven
Satan wars with the earth
Jesus and the Liberation of Women
Highlights from Chapter 12

13 King James Translation
13 revised

The rise of the beast and the false prophet
The beast out of the land, and the number 666
Highlights from Chapter 13

14 King James Translation
14 revised

How Jesus Regarded Women
The lamb on Mount Zion
An angel with the everlasting gospel
Fall of Babylon
Fate of the worshippers of the beast
Vision of the Son of man
Harvest of the earth
Highlights from Chapter 14

15 King James Translation
15 revised

Planetary Angels
The seven last plagues
Song of Moses
Role of Moses in John's Vision
Seven vials full of the wrath of God
Highlights from Chapter 15

16 King James Translation
16 revised

Seven angels pour out their vials
Angelic Influence
Frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon
Christ comes as a thief
The seventh angel pours out his vial
Highlights from Chapter 16

17 King James Translation
17 revised

The woman called Babylon
Meaning of the scarlet beast
Victory of the lamb
Highlights from Chapter 17

18 King James Translation
18 revised

Babylon falls
Saints rejoice over the fall of Babylon
Highlights from Chapter 18

19 King James Translation
19 revised

Corelli on the Fate of the Earth
Praise of God
The voice of an angel of God
Marriage of the lamb
Destruction of the beast and false prophet
The Assets of Eternal Life
Highlights from Chapter 19

20 King James Translation
20 revised

The Three Levels of John's Revelation
Satan bound for a thousand years
The first resurrection
Resurrection and the Afterlife
Satan loosed and destroyed
The Meaning of Hell
General resurrection
Highlights from Chapter 20

21 King James Translation
21 revised

John's Vision of the Future
A new heaven and a new earth
The Descent of the Temple
The New Jerusalem
Highlights from Chapter 21

22 King James Translation
22 revised

River of the water of life
The tree of life
God provides the light
Last message of Jesus
Highlights from Chapter 22

Epilogue: Concluding Messages
   A Final Message from the Celestial Teachers
   A Concluding Message from Jesus

Appendix: The Urantia Book, the Bible, and the New Celestial Teachings
   The Transmission of Wisdom

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