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Waking Up in Time:
Finding Inner Peace in Times of Accelerating Change

by Peter Russell

Waking Up in Time

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Amid the tumult of visions for the new millennium, this book by renowned scientist and visionary Peter Russell stands out for its sanity and brilliance. Waking Up In Time is every man and woman's manifesto for awakening to the mounting global crisis while deepening their connection to inner peace and transformation.

*Finalist: Ben Franklin Award;
Independent Publishers Award

"A wonderful book, masterfully balancing ecological doom with spiritual renaissance."
--Ken Wilber, author of A Brief History of Everything

Which forces will prevail in the race to Omega?

The widely-acclaimed author of the bestseller The Global Brain and other pioneering works, Russell has long been renowned as a herald for spiritual rebirth in the face of the dangers of ever-accelerating technological change. Here he offers a gripping account of the human community hurtling ever closer toward an unprecedented moment of culmination -- the "Omega" of history -- when humanity will face its evolutionary moment of truth. Which forces will prevail in this race to Omega? How will we cope with the awesome dangers and opportunities we must face? In this thoroughly rewritten, newly illustrated edition of his classic work, The White Hole In Time, Russell shows how this unprecedented acceleration of our daily lives has come about, and how to find inner tranquility during these turbulent times. Here is an extraordinary and innovative vision of humanity, one that integrates science and technology with humanity's eternal quest for harmony and inner peace.

"A luminous, beautiful, and wise book."
--Hazel Henderson, author of Building a Win-Win World

Peter Russell Peter Russell, the widely acclaimed author of the bestseller The Global Brain and other pioneering works, earned an honors degree in theoretical physics and psychology -- as well as a master's degree in computer science -- at the University of Cambridge, England, where he studied under Stephen Hawking. He then went to India where he explored meditation and Eastern philosophy. Peter Russell was one of the first to introduce personal development programs to corporations in the 1970s. Russell's other books include The TM Technique, Brain Book, The Upanishads, and The Creative Manager. As a visionary and futurist, he has been a keynote speaker at many conferences worldwide, and is frequently interviewed on radio and television.


Eva Harriot of Intuition: "In your book Waking Up in Time you quote the ancient Hopi prophecies, which proclaim that, 'at the height of the white man’s foolishness, great wisdom returns, coming from the East. If he listens to this wisdom, there will come a conscious transformation and rebirth of humanity; if not, there will follow the ending of all life.' You imply that we might be living in the time where we stand at this crossroads. Why is that?"

Peter Russell: "I cite that as one example of a number of prophecies, which talk about a time when humanity gets caught up in materialism and takes itself to the edge of disaster. But these prophecies say that we finally will wake up and wisdom will return. And very often they talk about this wisdom coming from the East. I see this happening in the world today with, for example, the increased interest in meditation techniques and Buddhism.

"A lot of prophecies in particular focus on the millenium shift in the year 2000. Now, I am always very cautious with prophecies that have dates in them. But I do find it fascinating that with the whole Y2K scenario, under which computers might start to malfunction at the turn of the millenium because they have not been coded to read the year 2000, we’ve actually ourselves produced a very real disaster scenario. Right on the dot of the millenium. It’s not around the year 2000, it’s actually, to the second, on January 1 of the year 2000! We couldn’t be more precise with it… Everything that’s happening in the world today is pushing us in the same direction; this is just the most concrete example. It’s like we’re in a pressure cooker: the pressure is building up, and it’s all pointing in that same direction, urging us to make that 180 degree turn from an external to an internal focus. If there was ever a time to wake up spiritually, this is it."

-- Excerpt from Peter Russell’s interview in Intuition, January/February 1999

"If you’ve ever thought that change is taking place too fast to keep up with, you may be right. Psychologist/physicist Peter Russell suggests in Waking Up in Time (a revision of a previous work entitled The White Hole in Time) that the rate of change is increasing so rapidly that within a few decades we may approach a moment of 'singularity' when we find ourselves experiencing 'an unimaginable degree of evolution within a finite time... when our rate of development becomes infinitely rapid.' The cosmological equivalent of singularity can be seen, says Russell, when a star goes supernova and leaves behind a neutron star whose mass is so great that matter breaks down within its intense gravitational field. Nothing can escape that field, not even light, and thus the star becomes what is known as a black hole. In this kind of singularity, 'mathematical equations become filled with zeros and infinities and cease to make any sense. There is a hole in space.'

"Following Buckminster Fuller’s idea that 'love is metaphysical gravity,' Russell feels that we are involved in an evolutionary acceleration that will result in a white hole in time -- a spiritual singularity, a sudden Samadhi for Everybody, as it were. The downside is that we may destroy much of our natural environs along the way. I suppose that’s why fab philosopher Ken Wilber calls this 'a wonderful book, masterfully balancing ecological doom with spiritual renaissance.' "

-- D. Patrick Miller, FearlessBooks.com

"Waking Up in Time: Finding Peace in Times of Accelerating Change is aptly titled. However, a glib acceptance of this title’s meaning will only serve to humble the reader. Russell used his obvious expertise in physics, psychology and philosophy to, more accurately, shock the reader into the most important wake-up call facing humankind today. That is, to catch up our inner awareness/development to the accelerated outward material/technical leaps of growth or change. Or else.

"The book is divided into four parts. The first is titled 'The Quickening' and succinctly describes the amazing evolutionary process of our universe. The scientific facts are interesting and succeed in dropping the reader down to size.

"The second part, 'The Crisis,' boldly covers issues that most of us manage to ignore while scurrying through our stressful lives, for example, the gluttony of humanity’s consumption; the destruction of our planet; deforestation; the ozone gaps; the disappearing species (one per hour), etc. Yet, the author pulls us out of this long enough to mention that the real crisis is psychological. Humankind has the erroneous belief that by molding or modifying our physical surroundings, inner change or relief or (dare we say) happiness will result. Dysfunctional thinking. After taking billions of years to develop as homo 'sapiens' ('the wise human being') we are ironically creating our own insanity. The author further talks of fear, stress and the accelerated technology; and yet, he proclaims the fulfillment we seek is found within.

"Naturally, the next part is called 'The Awakening.' This section touches on different spiritual paths and how they all share an alternative way of seeing reality. Basically, living in the 'now' equals inner peace. Russell also touches on relationships, love, forgiveness, maturity and freedom. He also puts in a plug for meditation…a technique to reach the 'still mind.'

"The final section, 'The Future,' is somewhat of a rehash of previously stated philosophies, laws of physics and more informational facts. Ominous future predictions are explained and then the author shifts over (again) to inner evolution. The hope for our planet. He states the big question: is there a reason for our whole evolution? The answer: 'the Universe exists so that it can be known.' This is profound and key to spiritual enlightening.

"Russell’s book is alternately fascinating and depressing. If anything, the cold hard facts will jolt the reader into a new awareness. The urgent physics message that evolves into a cry for spiritual awakening is a tricky bridge to cross… The nice difference in this book from other (either science or self-help) books is that the author does try to tie these two areas together. It gives the reader a new avenue for personal change. Rather than adopting the defeatist attitude 'What good does my little voice do?' the reader is given a new reason to create change. Personal change that is linked to planetary changes. And this is truly a timely concept. Waking Up in Time is a good addition to any library."

Aime Merizon, ForeWord, Nov. 1998 Vol. I, No. 6

Praise for Waking Up in Time:

"The principal spiritual challenge of our moment is the transformation of our immense power into a new planetary wisdom. . . . For anyone interested in participating in this task there is simply no better place to begin than Peter Russell's Waking Up in Time."
--Brian Swimme, Ph.D, author of The Universe Story

"A unique and perceptive analysis of the global crisis at its most powerful levels. The prescriptions it offers are hopeful and inspirational."
--Stanley Krippner, Ph.D, coauthor of The Mythic Path

"Brings the message we need to wake up in time . . . from one of the most evolved minds of our time."
--Ervin Laszlo, Ph.D, coauthor of The Whispering Pond and Third Millennium

"Peter Russell's ideas are music to my ears. A physicist who meditates. Peter has made the journey 'Out and In.' He adds quality to the quantity."
--Mike Pinder, founder of The Moody Blues

"Peter Russell is undoubtedly the most articulate, knowledgeable, and engaging author I have interviewed in the last ten years. Our audience loved him."
-- Dr. Stanley Hobish, host of Wizard of Is on WGBB-AM in New York

"Peter Russell’s appearance on the program was fascinating, informative, very fresh and extremely warm. It is now days later, and the show is still getting phone calls and email from listeners asking when he will be back. I intend to bring him back."
-- Thomas Pecora, host of The Thomas Pecora Show on WKJL-FM in Chicago

"Peter Russell offers one of the most compelling perspectives about man’s future I’ve ever heard, and he presents it in an exciting fashion. A guest that will definitely be back."
-- Paul Gonzales, nationally syndicated talk show host United Broadcasting Network

"Waking Up in Time" is one of those rare socio-business books which combines an occasional poem with mini-treatises on the state of the human race, the state of the planet, the state of technology – and a few other states as well… the book is a mental tour well worth taking."
-- Tom Brown, www.Mgeneral.com

Praise for the Previous Edition, The White Hole in Time:

"Absolutely brilliant. Like Marx and Freud, but with more wisdom than either of them, Russell might set off a revolution in a dozen sciences and in human consciousness as well."
--Robert Anton Wilson, author of Cosmic Trigger and The Illuminati Papers

"A wake-up call. Peter Russell calls upon his specialized knowledge in physics and spiritual disciplines, as well as a keen political sense, to bring us face to face with the present moment."
--Marilyn Ferguson, author of The Aquarian Conspiracy

"An extraordinary look at the inner spiritual crisis that lies at the root of the global challenges that face us as a society and a species. It takes a book of this magnitude to guide us toward those basic questions of who we are and where we are going."
--Charles Garfield, author of Second to None and Peak Performers

Table of Contents

The Quickening

Acceleration -- The Quickening Pace
Feedback -- The Evolutionary Accelerator
Language -- The Dawn of Thought
Hands -- Levers for the Mind
Information -- The Currency of Culture
Creativity -- From Genes to Ideas
Today -- Foundation for Tomorrow

The Crisis

Crisis -- Sounding the Alarm
Crossroads -- Choosing Our Way
Malady -- A Planetary Cancer
Self-Interest -- Misdirected Needs
Happiness -- The Mind's Bottom Line
Materialism -- An Addictive Meme
Fear -- The Voice in Our Heads
Stress -- The Wages of Fear

The Awakening

Dehypnosis -- Breaking the Trance
Presence -- The Timeless Moment
Enlightenment -- A New Way of Seeing
Relationships -- The Yoga of the West
Love -- The Gift of Peace
Meditation -- The Art of Letting Go
Maturity -- Coming of Age
Freedom -- The Emancipation from Matter

The Future

Challenge -- Crisis as Opportunity
Apocalypse -- Premonitions of Transformation
Setbacks -- Constructive Extinctions
Compression -- The Collapse of Time
Spirals -- The Shape of the Future
Omega -- A White Hole in Time
Purpose -- A Design to Creation?
Knowing -- A Conscious Universe
The End -- Or the Beginning?

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