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Discovery of Atlantis


"Did Atlantis ever exist? The answer to that is emphatically yes, if you ask Robert Sarmast."
--BBC World Service, London

"It may be the answer generations of experts on the ancient world have been looking for."
--The Sunday Telegraph, London

"Soon at hand could be one of the greatest discoveries mankind has ever made."
--The World Today, CKNW in Canada

"(Sarmast) goes one step further than other Atlantologists in claiming to have vindicated Plato's narrative as not just a philosopher's allegory."
--The Guardian, London

"Robert Sarmast is a modern day 'Indiana Jones'."
--Radio National, Australia

"The theory that Malta was Atlantis is being challenged by a new publication."
--The Times, Malta

"It's a fascinating thesis sure to get a lot of people very interested."
--Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation

"If Sarmast's theory is true, the island nation (Cyprus), a popular holiday resort, may be all that remains of Atlantis's mountainous region."
--Boston Globe

"Treasure map renews Atlantis hunt."

Book review by E.A. Lombardi at's Classic Literature Dept.

"Sarmast does some fascinating research for his proposal that Atlantis was part of the island of Cyprus. This is a richly illustrated volume that belongs in every Atlantis library!"
--David Hatcher Childress, author of "Lost Cities of Atlantis, Ancient Europe and the Mediterranean," "Technology of the Gods," and other books.

"Finally a book in which the guess work about Atlantis has ended. The unparalleled scholarly mix of science, philosophy and history that Robert Sarmast has woven together has become the most convincing document that Atlantis has survived the ages and is now within reach. The clarity and persuasiveness of his text, the supporting documents, photographs and pictures all combine to make this compelling proof of Atlantis' discovery a reality. It is truly a most remarkable feat of organization and research that will convince even those with hardened theories to rethink the whereabouts of Atlantis."
--Captain Robert Stanley Bates, Shipmaster (Unlimited), Adjunct Lecturer (USCG Academy and UCONN), Author and contributing editor to "Dictionary of Nautical Literacy" by McKenna (McGraw Hill-2001)

"I will start out by saying that you have a great prima facie. This is a new concept in the area of Atlantis and is plausible. The maps and information on the lowering of sea-level in the Mediterranean are very interesting. The work itself is quite readable. The area certainly warrants investigation. But you have definitely thrown a new concept into the mix. Myself, I think your theory is as good as the best out there. Only time will tell."
--Bill Dixon, Ohio

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