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Discovery of Atlantis

Chapter by Chapter

Origin Press, October 2003
195 pages, 7"x10"
Quality trade paperback
51 illustrations
ISBN 1-57983-012-9


Byron Belitsos

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Find Out in this Revolutionary Analysis
of Plato's Celebrated Story

Plato provided nearly 50 physical clues in his famous dialogue Critias--the original account of the story of Atlantis. In this book, author Robert Sarmast cracks the Atlantis mystery wide open by demonstrating how simple facts about the eastern Mediterranean region and the island of Cyprus provide a near-perfect match with Plato's detailed narrative.

View the First Scientific Maps that Reveal the Underwater Location
Exclusive 3-D bathymetric maps based on new scientific data, presented here for the first time in a series of 67 illustrations, show a stretch of sunken land off of Cyprus. The general layout of the landscape of Atlantis as described by Plato is easily discernible in this underwater landmass, as well as the apparent location of its capital--Atlantis City!

Discover for Yourself: The Startling Case for the Island of Cyprus
This robust empirical data is joined with other original findings in ancient history, mythology, and natural history, making the case for Cyprus increasingly obvious. With this thoroughly original and plausible theory, author Robert Sarmast brings the legendary island of Atlantis alive in a way that will fascinate and thrill Atlantology fans--or anyone who has ever wondered about one of the greatest mysteries of all time.

The Expedition: Watch Atlantis Come Alive
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With the location so clearly mapped in this book, the next step in this exciting research is an expedition to the region. Humankind may soon witness the filming of the colossal ruins of this once-mighty empire and proceed to resurrect Atlantis from its watery tomb!

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About the Author:
This is the first in a series of books on Atlantis by Robert Sarmast, an independent writer and mythologist who is based in Los Angeles. Sarmast has spent over a decade researching Atlantology and related mysteries of the ancient world. In recent years, a more literal reading of Plato led him to undertake a detailed search for clues in the eastern Mediterranean. His work now includes geophysical data and sophisticated computer modeling of the region. Sarmast's research has culminated with his conclusion that Plato's Atlantis is located in the proximity of the island of Cyprus.

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